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This lightweight computerized sewing machine is user-friendly with built in features and functions that make sewing relaxing and enjoyable. The LCD panel provides a wide variety of information such as stitch selection, suggested sewing foot, stitch length and stitch width. Threading is quick and easy using the guides and arrows that are on the machine. The advanced needle threading system threads the needle effortlessly by just pressing the lever to push the thread through the eye of the needle. The bobbin is wound on the top of the machine and automatically stops when the bobbin is full. Just drop a full bobbin in the top loading bobbin case, pull the thread tail through the slot and start sewing. The thread does not have to be pulled to the top to sew. Free-arm sewing is convenient for sewing pant legs, sleeves and other hard to reach areas. Presser feet can be easily changed by simply pressing the lever on the back of the presser bar. Needle up / Needle down button is conveniently located on the front of the machine. The start / stop button provides the ability to sew without the presser foot attached. The reverse / reinforcement function secures stitching at the beginning and end of a seam. Slide adjustment speed control is used for precise, consistent sewing speeds on any project. Stitches such as zig zag, and decorative stitches can be set to 7mm for greater flexibility. Computerized stitch length and width for optimal adjustments. 6 feed dogs ensure smooth, even feeding of multiple layers and a variety of fabric weights. The machine automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure for any type of fabric. 60 Stitches are built-into the machine.