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As you've experienced, sewing renews your spirit and lets you express yourself in many ways, whether it's embroidery, wearable art, quilting, couture, bridal, heirloom, western wear, carnival, home decor. Just start with a length of fabric or purchase something and add your own special touch.Let your creativity take over; the machine will do the rest. Totally automated threading, automatic bobbin winding, hoop sensors, hint messages, plan-ahead thread color organizer, updatable software - these are just a few of the numerous benefits you'll realize when you choose Elna. In a world filled with choices when it comes to sewing and embroidery, there's only one choice - the Elna Xquisit II..What a wide array of stitches you'll find on this machine - straight, zigzag, buttonholes, specialty quilting and heirloom, satin, floral, cross, directional feed designs. 320 stitches in all, all organized into groups for your convenience. Fully automated threading - from spool through needle eye. Full-color LCD screen. Updatability via www.elna.com. On-screen instruction manual. Hint messages. Personalized machine function settings. Adjustable sewing speed up to 850 spm. Multiple languages. Automatic thread tension - computer system automatically releases correct thread amount for ultimage stitch performance. Needle thread and bobbin thread sensors. Presser foot lever sensor. Automatic thread cutter key - programmable. Start/stop key - for embroidery and traditional sewing. Up/down needle key. Dual lights - eliminate shadows. Extra presser foot lift. Serial port for direct PC hookupEmbroidery Features:. Fully automated bobbin winding - free embroidery bobbin thread spool included. Extra large embroidery area (24 x 14 cm / 9