Writers Like to Create

People who like to write often like to sew and build things as well. This is because the writer can visualize how things might be, so that designing and then putting things together often comes naturally.

For me, the process of working out a design, and making the pattern for it, then cutting the fabric and stitching it together uses different areas of my brain from those that I use every day when I write, and so provides a relief when I have been sitting hunched over my desk and computer for hours on end.

I always sew by hand. It is easier that way to make certain that the fabric will lie smooth in the finished garment. And in a world where most of my work is done to meet deadlines, being able to simply relax with fabric and needle and thread almost feels luxurious, especially when eventually I will have a product that is totally unique.

Generally, I begin making a garment by looking at the fabric I will use to see how heavy it is and how soft and malleable the material is. I look at the way it drapes and determine how sheer it is, and what sort of texture it has. When I have come to know the fabric in this way, I begin to make sketches of what the finished garment might look like. And then I sketch out the shapes of the various pattern pieces. Once I have done this, I draw the pieces to measure, and make a mock up of the pattern at one centimeter per inch. This is the guide that I will use, as I draw the pattern to fit, and add the seam allowances. Then, I cut the pattern from tissue paper, and try it on to make certain it will fit. Sometimes, when I really don’t know how a garment will need to fit, such as for a bra, I might cut at least four different mock-ups out of scrap material, in order to finally build a pattern that will work every time. And that is what makes sewing exciting for this writer.

Yes, it takes longer to make a garment that way, but there is something about being able to see a finished garment that started as nothing more than an idea in my head.

By: Genevieve Fosa

About the Author:

Genevieve Fosa is a freelance ghostwriter and editor. She writes both fiction and nonfiction books to your specifications. If you would like to know more about her, please go to www.thebestword.net The Best Word