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If you are the type that loves to sew and are pretty good with a needle and thread, you may consider opening an apparel mending and alteration service. Many dry cleaners offer alterations or repair of clothing but the actual work is rarely done within the business. Most cleaners will send this work out to another business that specializes in mending.

By contacting some dry cleaning companies and making it known that you can offer the services can be a good beginning to a business. Doing quality work in a timely manner will generate word of mouth advertising and leaving a few of your business cards with the dry cleaner can lead to other business as well. Prom dresses, wedding dresses and clothing that has gone out of size, can be an excellent source of income as more people are unwilling to replace a suit due to a small weakening of a seam.

Custom made draperies are also in vogue in some communities and with sewing talent, offering custom sewing can become a full time business opportunity. Offering embroidery work can also add to the income but with the purchase of a computeroperated surger machine, you can create custom t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats, spinning off a great business from your expertise of clothing repair and alteration.

If you are a member of a club or organization, there may be additional opportunities for shirt designs and with the right equipment you can place photos on cloth for special occasions. Grandmothers love clothing with the pictures of their grandchildren on them and many families will find t-shirts with their name on them useful for vacations. Come up with your own sayings to create your own line of t-shirt humor to sell at craft shows or through an online outlet.

While many products today are designed to be disposable, there are still clothing styles that many are reluctant to part with, even when repairs may equal the cost of a replacement. There is also the position of seamstress in use in amateur and professional theater to provide costumes that actually fit the members of the cast. This type of position usually provides sporadic opportunities can lead to other jobs with other theaters.

If you can provide period clothing for a specific time frame, you can also move on to other more elaborate as well as better paying positions. One example of using your entrepreneurial spirit is to keep an eye on special events in your community. You will have to be proactive on this but designing an article of clothing specific to an event, such as a community talent show, can lead to sales if you offer to provide t-shirts with the talent show logo and motto for the participants in the show.

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