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In 2007, there were five businesses rated as the best and most lucrative home based businesses to start. These five businesses are Wedding consultation, Dietary consultation, Alterations and Sewing, Home beauty consultation and Personal cleaning services. Taking a look at each of these will help you decide which might be the best for you.

Becoming a wedding consultation specialist requires a lot of hard work on your part. You have to have an eye for detail and the drive to find the best deals out there for your clientele. You will need to have the ability to negotiate the best deals with the many types of businesses. You should have a few essential office tools like, a computer, fax, copier, phone and an internet connection to get things started. You must be an organized person and pay close attention to details.

You must also be able to stay calm should anything go wrong and be creative enough to fix these types of problems should they arise. As this world around us becomes increasingly aware of their poor eating habits many people are trying to change that. By starting a business that focuses on helping these individuals understand what it is they should be eating you can make a rather lucrative income. You can become certified as a dietician online and start your own business sending menu plans or selling your knowledge to customers who are looking for the information.

If you know how to sew then alterations can be a good business for you to start. You simply need a room that can be dedicated to making these alterations and a good strong sewing machine. Alterations can be needed for all types of clothing from uniforms to formals. People may also need alterations if they are on the short side or if they recently lost some weight.

If you have a beauticians license starting your own in home salon can be a great business. You can set your own clientele and create a personal experience for each of them. Setting a fair price then will ensure that you can attract clients. The ability to offer other services like manicures and pedicures will also help bring in clientele.

If you are a very organized person who enjoys cleaning, a personal cleaning service could be the perfect business for you. The main requirements for a personal cleaning service is to have all of your own cleaning supplies as well as a good car or van to get you to and from each separate job. On average there are not many people in the work force today that would not love the chance to work for themselves.

The chance to be your own boss is often a very appealing idea. There are also several other advantages that include but are not limited to, tax breaks, no subordinates and the ability to control your income and retirement. With these advantages it is not hard to see why so many people would prefer and are looking for an honest home based business opportunity.

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