Tips For A Sewing Machine Collector

Collecting antique sewing machines is a great hobby to have. Old models are especially more ornate looking than newer models because of the amount of time and effort exerted in their designs. Don't expect that all the units in your collection will work though!

History of Sewing Machines Although it was as early as 1790 that the first ever working sewing machine was invented by Thomas Saint of England, it was only for making boots. The first sewing machine as we know them now however was the one created by Isaac M. Singer in 1851. After a number of years, he had been able to establish a company and sold thousands of units to the public.

If you are interested in a collection of antique sewing machines, you'll be extremely lucky to find any sewing machine that's older than Singer models.

How to Buy an Antique Sewing Machine

Tip #1 Build your knowledge of antique sewing machines so you'll know if someone's trying to overcharge or deceive you into buying a fake. It's fairly easy for professional conmen to create false copies of certificates of authenticity so you can't always trust what you read on paper. When buying an antique sewing machine, it's best that you trust what you know and what others tell you.

Tip #2 Join the nearest club for antique sewing machine collectors. With a club, you'll be able to exchange important information and tips with other collectors. You might even get access to rare opportunities for buying antique sewing machines.

Tip #3 Browse the Internet for photos of antique sewing machines so you'll have an idea of what you would like to add to your collection. Afterwards, you can inform agents or other collectors of what you're looking for and tell them you're willing to pay a commission fee if they can help you find it.

Tip #4 Online purchases can be quite dangerous so if you're determined to buy an antique sewing machine online, make sure that you obtain a warranty contract from your seller first. Secondly, only agree to a certified payment handler to take care of your transaction.

Tip #5 Ask about the condition of the antique sewing machine: are there any physical or mechanical defects? If it's good but not working, ask how much it would cost to have it repaired.

If you're serious about establishing a collection of antique sewing machines, just make sure your home has adequate space for it!

By: Jade Simpson

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