The History of Brother

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: Brother started out as a sewing company? Yes, you heard right. Brother had its start back in 1908 as Yasui Sewing Machine Co, founded by Kanekichi Yasui in Nagoya, Japan. And a few years later, the company was renamed Yasui Brothers’ Sewing Machine Co. The sewing machines sold and the company became Nippon Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co in 1934.

By 1954, Brother International Corporation, as they were now called, began exporting the sewing machines overseas with much success. This success continued for several years with many advances in home appliances and knitting machines. However, the Brother of today really came on the scene in 1971, when they created the very first high-speed dot matrix printer.

Electronic typewriters were next in 1985 and the focus began to shift to more business oriented products and devices. Telecommunications and electronic stationary were even on the bill as Brother progressed through the twentieth century.

And even as the company progressed into the twenty-first century, Brother was still cranking out the sewing machines under various subsidiaries including Zhuhai Brother Industries Co., Xian Typical Brother Industries Co and Brother Sewing Machine Xian Co to name a few.

In 2003, Brother began producing multi-function devices. Recently expanding into China, Brother is still in the forefront of printer sales. And you can’t forget about those sewing machines! Over the years they have produced all sorts of products such as label printers, typewriters, machine tools, fax machines and other computer products. While their products are distributed under the Brother name they are also distributed as OEM products with other companies.

By: Brenda Stokes

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