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It was launched in 1979. The year 1990 was a landmark for all home sewing machines users, with the introduction of the Memory Craft 8000.

It was the firstĀ  Stretch Sewing Machine complete with every technology and function that only a sewing enthusiast could ever dream of.

By 2005, majority of these

Special Sewing Machine is considered to be highly reliable, durable, as well as extremely affordable. It features the usual characteristics of Janome-and more.

For one, it has an LCD touch screen display that will allow you to easily choose the different functions of your sewing machine.

It also includes an automatic bobbin winder, which means that rather than manually winding the bobbin yourself this Janome sewing machine can immediately rewind itself using the threads that have been used.

It can also resume the stitching process at the area where Sewing Machine Accessories has stopped. Moreover, there are 4 types of resizes that you can choose for your design, which permits you to look at your embroidery and quilting patterns in different directions.

The machine will also work well together with your PC because of its USB memory key. This means that you can conveniently transfer your stitching patterns from your computer to your sewing equipment.

Most of all, there are hundreds of Janome software that you can install right into your machine. These software contain additional designs for embroidery as well as tools to make sewing projects a total breeze. You can download these programs from their official website.

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