Quilting a Blanket Easily

a blanket can be a big project. You have a lot of choosing, cutting, and sewing to do. There are different ways to quilt a blanket, some that can be time consuming. Here I will tell you how to quilt a blanket quickly and easily. You quilt a blanket for the satisfaction of finishing a beautiful craft. Why should it be hard and time consuming?

First, you will need to pick a pattern. In order to make it a simple as possible, search for a simple pattern. If you use a simple block pattern, you will cut back on a lot of work. Now you will need to choose and buy fabric. You can buy precut squares that will cut back on a lot of time and work. They usually come with patterns as a kit, too, which makes it even easier.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you have a lot of work to do. I don’t recommend quilting a blanket without a sewing machine if you are looking for a quick easy blanket, even if you are a super fast sewer. If you are really fast at sewing, you probably don’t have a desire to sew a quick quilt anyway but are looking for more complicated and challenging projects. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you should get one. If you aren’t planning on doing any sewing besides this project and don’t want to buy an expensive sewing machine, ask a friend if you can borrow theirs.

Now you need to cut your squares. If you bough precut squares, you are in luck because you can skip this step. Make sure you measure your squares very carefully. If they are off, even by a little, your quilt will not come together correctly. You might not even realize it until you get halfway done with your quilt. Once you are finished cutting, double check your work and look over it again. You can’t afford any mistakes!

Now you will need to begin putting it together. Follow your pattern and read the instructions carefully to know how to do this correctly. If you have small pieces, you will have to sew them together first to make larger squares and them continue to sew them together to make the larger blanket. For this you will need to use a sewing machine. Sew them together and add the border.

Now you need to sew it together with the batting and the backing. As you probably already know, a blanket isn’t just made of one layer. You will have to sew it together and then stitch across the entire quilt to hold it all together. This is where you can get fancy and make pretty stitch designs. If you are looking to get this done fast, just do a basic straight stitch across the whole blanket. You will have to do this sewing by hand, so get a comfy position on your couch and get sewing!

When you have finished stitching it all together, you should be done, unless there is more to do in your specific pattern. If you are using a kit, it will be much faster and easier because everything is precut and included. When you are finished with your blanket, you will feel very good and hopefully warm and toasty under your new quilt!

By: Samantha Asher

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