Holiday Cards Stitched With Love

With all you have to do during the holiday season, you probably haven't given much thought to making homemade Christmas cards. Homemade cards don't have to be difficult or take a long time to make. With a couple pieces of scrapbook paper, card stock, and your sewing machine, you can surprise your family and friends with your creative holiday cards.  I have included below instructions for two different easy designs.


Green and white checkered scrapbook paper

Coordinating green scrapbook paper

Red card stock

Paper cutter


Glue stick

Sewing machine

Green sewing machine thread

Gold embroidery thread

Embroidery needle

Card #1:

The green checkered scrapbook paper will be the base of the card.  Use the paper cutter to cut paper to desired card size, then fold paper in half to create card.

The focus of the card will be a Christmas tree cut from the green scrapbook paper.  You can use a stencil if you wish, but I just cut one freehand to have more of a handmade look.

Next cut a piece of red card stock slightly smaller than the face of the card.  Glue the green Christmas tree onto the center of the red card stock. 

The stitching comes next.  Using an embroidery needle and gold embroidery thread, sew a freehand star at the top of the Christmas tree.  Using the sewing machine and green sewing machine thread, sew inside the border of the Christmas tree.

Next glue the finished piece of red card stock onto the center of the front of the card.

Card #2:

This card is similar in design to the first card.  Use the same checkered scrapbook paper for the base of the card.

Instead of one tree, I cut out one big one and two smaller ones, and glued them next to each other. 

Using embroidery thread sew stars on tops of trees as before.  Instead of using sewing machine to sew inside the Christmas trees, I sewed inside the border of the red card stock.

Next glue the finished piece of red stock onto the center of the front of the card.

Photos of finished cards:

By: Rachel Paxton

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