From the Manufacturer to your Wardrobe

Many handbag manufacturers make all of their products by hand without the use of industrial machinery except for the use of a sewing machine. The first step in handbag manufacturing is to trust the designer who is creating the new model. This designer takes his or her inspiration from the latest fashionable trends, colors and styles that are considered to be cutting edge. The handbag manufacturing designer has the job of making sure that the bag is current, meets the needs of most women, and all at the same time is able to retain the special touch of beauty, originality, and elegance.

Handbag manufacturing includes a master leather craftsman who will decide which of the models that are submitted by the designer will be most suitable for the new collections and what type of leather would work best with the brand new design.  After those are chosen the most important moments of handbag manufacturing begin, and that is making a prototype of the handbag using paper. Most of the time making this prototype is left to a pattern maker. This specialist will work from the drawings that were produced by the designer and then transfer the ideas onto paper to create the paper model of the handbag. This is where the handbag actually begins to take shape. 

Once that paper model of the bag has been perfected by the handbag manufacturer, it is then time to begin to prepare the materials. This means that it is time for the leather to shape the final product. The leather cutter will skillfully cut the leather that is going to be needed for each bag and then prepares if for stitching. Because this is such a precise and intricate task, it needs a large amount of experience with leather working to be able to make the best use of the leather. This work is often carried out by hand and in handbag manufacturing, can be even more difficult when using extremely valuable leathers. The slightest error means wastage of the leather in turn wasting a considerable about of money. The leather cutter has to get it right the very first time.

Once the leather cutter has skillfully and successfully completed his job, the next stage that the handbag manufacturer will follow is to stitch the bag. The assembler is an experienced master leather craftsman, puts together the bag and recreates the paper model from genuine leather. This leather is either stitched by hand or stitched with the most simple of sewing machines. This will allow for finer, tougher, and straighter sewing of the more difficult parts of the handbag every detail must line up against the next perfectly.

Whenever you sew on common fabrics such as cotton or polyester, you are given a little bit of leeway in case of mistakes. Meaning you are able to remove the stitching and do it again. Leather is quite different and a handbag manufacturer doesn’t have that leeway. With one false stitch, it leaves a permanent mark and the holes made by the needle will not close up again. This will leave the bag damaged. The assembler must be absolutely precise in their work so you can have in the end a great product in your wardrobe for any occasion.

By: Chris Li

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