Four Reasons You Should Sew Your Own Church Vestments

You or your priest needs new church vestments, but good quality ones are expensive, and you’re on a limited budget.  So what should you do? 


Truth is, you or someone in your congregation can sew your own chasubles, stoles and other liturgical garments.  Not only can you make these beautiful ecclesiastical garments yourself, here are four reasons why you should:


1.  Great Savings


Order a custom-made full vestment set and it could run you a thousand dollars or more.  You save substantially when you or a member of your congregation makes the set instead.  You can look for sales on fabric and save even more money while not compromising on quality.


2.  Better Quality


Not only do you save money, you also often end up with a better quality vestment set.  Because you aren’t paying for labor costs, you can make up the difference in better quality fabric and embellishments.


3.  More Control Over The Look and Feel


Looking for more of a violet rather than a purple?  Want your vestments to be lined with satin?  Do you prefer a more elaborate banding or a more austere one?  When you make your own vestments, you have more control over the end result, and you end up with a vestment set more suited to your needs.


4.  Greater Satisfaction


There is nothing more satisfying than hands-on involvement with the building of the church, including the church vestments.  By making vestments, those involved have a unique part in constructing a church heirloom that could last for decades. 


So before you are tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on a costly full vestment set, consider making your own liturgical vestments for your next church project.  It will be an enjoyable experience for both you and your congregation.


By: Sue Merriam

About the Author:

Sue Merriam is co-author of the website Everything Vestment, a website providing vestment facts and history, as well as patterns, fabric, banding and step-by-step instructions on how to sew these beautiful liturgical garments.