Custom Sewing: Many Uses and Varieties

Custom sewing is an essential service to many industries. From retail to industrial companies, a custom sewing contractor is almost always hired to create various bags and cases for packaging and protection. The military, medical, and retail industries rely on custom sewn products. The precision and care of custom sewing ensures products are both attractive and protective. Some examples of custom sewing projects include custom sewn cases for medical equipment, custom drapes and window treatments and custom backpacks.

Custom sewn lawn catcher bags are an example of a custom sewing project. For large lawn mowers and machines, protecting the exterior is important to the longevity of the equipment. Maintaining existing equipment with custom sewn covers helps a company’s bottom line, as the life of equipment will be extended.

In the military sector, custom sewing services are often recruited for backpacks, gear bags, tool cases and other durable packs. The military often needs large scale orders of custom sewn bags which an independent sewer simply cannot accommodate.

In the medical industry there are many fragile and expensive instruments. Some tools can cost over one hundred thousand dollars. But, the unpredictability of emergencies requires the transport of expensive medical devices into the field, and custom sewn cases help protect medical equipment. From tool cases with sewn handles to defibrillator cases, custom sewing is a surprising yet essential service to the medical industry.

Custom sewing also plays an important role in the retail and promotions sector. Custom imprinted tote bags are great promotional items at trade shows, events and in stores. A custom sewing contractor, because of their long run and short run capabilities, embroidery and screen printing offerings, can provide affordable promotional bags and totes. For fitness centers and schools a custom sewn messenger bag or backpack can really emphasize the identity of the brand or establishment. Again, large custom sewn quantities can be handled by custom sewing contractors with efficiency in mind.

Custom sewing methods allow for modifications like embroidery, Integration of multiple materials, silk screening, straps and various sizes. The industrial and commercial sewing methods allow for fast production of large quantities of custom sewn products. The sewing machines and technicians in the industrial sewing industry are trained to create highly efficient processes to cut costs and create useful products. Often military product orders call for thousands of custom sewn backpacks. An industrial company may need a full line of lawn catcher covers for a new assembly of lawn machines.

By: Brynn A

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