Creative Use for Leftover Fabrics

If you’re finding yourself with many leftover pieces of fabric from previous projects and don’t quite know what to do with them then here is a creative idea on how to use them. Instead of letting them sit and collect dust somewhere in the closet or in your sewing room you can use them to create a whole ‘new’ piece of fabric from which you can cut out a pattern of your choice.

Make sure that your fabrics have been prewashed and then cut them into patch-size pieces. The size of the patches will depend on the size of the finished product. For example if you wish to create a scarf you’ll want your patches to be small enough as to show them off on the scarf. If you want to sew a vest, your patches could be a little larger. If the fabric has a pattern on it that you like you can cut a patch from that specific area of the fabric and use it strategically within your pattern. You can also cut the patches into any shape you like, you can mix and match patterns, fabrics and colors. Sew the patches together, as one would do when making a quilt, thereby creating a ‘new’ piece of fabric. Once you’ve sewn enough patches together and your new fabric is large enough, lay down your pattern and cut it out. Once you’ve done that you’ll want to re-secure the seams that you just cut through. Then finish sewing your pattern as you would ordinarily

 This idea works best for fashion accessories such as vests, scarves, purses and belts - but let your imagination be your ultimate guide!

 One of my all time favorite craft projects that I’ve ever done was a ‘patch-work vest.  This vest is so colorful, funky and most definitely original! It was the first patch-work piece that I created and is still my most favorite to this day!

By: sonia marie gilbert

About the Author:

Sonia Marie has been involved with crafts for 27 years. She is passionate about using patchwork to create wild, funky and colorful fashion accessories. She also mixes beads and crocheting to create unique necklaces and bracelets. She believes that beautiful handmade crafts should be shown to the world and that an online presence is a must to achieve this. You can view her informative site at