Bernina Sewing Machines

There are a variety of Bernina sewing machines that will surely capture your fancy, not because they're very affordable but because they're loaded with all the features you're looking for your Bernina.

Nevertheless, there are a few that stand out. In order for you to know which of them are worth your every penny, make sure that they have the following features:

For your sewing or quilting machine:

Bernina Stitch Regulator

This mechanism makes quilting so much easier. The presser foot makes sure that you can create uniform length of your stitches, no matter the speed of your will be.

A good example of a presser foot is the one you can find in Artista 730. It can even create zigzag stitches for you without any hassle.

Large color display

The touchscreen display allows you to navigate through the menu with ease. You can also orient yourself with the different functions of each of components of your Bernina sewing equipment by simply pressing few buttons on the screen.

You can also easily customize the various patterns in your sewing machine. You can resize them, choose the stitches you want to use, or even change the font and color.

This is a good way of coming up with your own embroidery design even if you're actually running out of your own ideas.

Stock embroidery designs

If others have only less than 100 embroidery designs to choose from, with your Bernina sewing machines you have definitely more than that. As they say, you can be as creative as you like when you have a Bernina.

You can also freely edit and combine these designs so you can create your very own Bernina embroidery or quilting design.

If you worked with manual sewing machines before, then you perfectly understand the struggle that goes with having to do everything basically on your own. You'll be the one to make some adjustments on the length and width of your stitches.

It's no wonder why you need to practice some more before you can actually perfect the craft. Bernina sewing machines, however, can relieve you with all the trouble through their multifunction buttons.

One of the most popular line of Pfaff sewing machines is the Creative Vision. As what is name implies, you can dream as much as you want and make them all come true with the help of your well-loved Creative vision model.

Unlike other sewing machines that are available in the market today, a Pfaff sewing machine is known for its simplicity and minimalist design. Thus, it does look like a real breath of fresh air right at your own home.

Yet you would be truly surprised on how you can squeeze in all of the latest technology in a very small and handy sewing machine . Perhaps it's one of the secrets of Pfaff: they can give you what you want in a very interesting and unique way.


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