If you are interested in quilting, you might be confused about the supplies that you will need regarding your new craft. The best part of a hobby is purchasing all the materials that it is involved with. Tools and supplies can give anyone a real high. Of course, the quilting craft doesn't require too much. Just a sewing machine, some needles, scissors and thread and there are enough supplies available in the market to make your quilting experience really enjoyable.

Lets take the sewing machine that is a basic part of your supplies. Though one can always sew a quilt without the help of a machine, and there are quite a few who do that, it is always convenient for the busy crafter to use one. You will definitely need it for piecing together the different blocks used on the quilt top. After that you might decide to quilt either by machine or hand. But for most, the sewing machine is one of the most essential supplies of all. The different brands you could select from are Pfaff, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking and Janome to name a few. Remember that most quilters use the machine to sew straight lines only so there is no necessity to buy a very fancy machine with a variety of stitches.

The cutting tool should be the next on the supply list. The good old-fashioned scissors are sufficient and you will require a pair for the fabric and one fore the paper only. This is because the paper scissors dull quickly. But for most quilters, the mat and rotary are their best friends. A rotary cutter when compared to the scissor is a far more efficient tool, and you can cut volumes of quilt blocks with it. The rotary mat is used to protect the working surface. The rotary cutter and the rotary mat are very important supplies that you must give high priority to, as they make your hobby easier and more enjoyable.

It goes without saying that you require fabric and most quilters prefer to always use 100% cotton fabric. It is staggering, the patterns and colours in which cotton fabrics are available. Thread is another item you should add to your list. Cotton thread is the best as it has long lasting strength and has a high luster. Usually quilters are very picky about the pins they sue and you might want to go for the good old straight pins that are made of steel, the T-pins or pins that have brightly colored heads. You could experiment with all these and then decide which one you would like to use. Seam ripper and needles are other items you must not forget.

Often, quilters make use of idea boards or bulletin boards. You can place this close to your sewing machine and can use it to place pin swatches or arrange different coloured fabric combinations and also to post ideas from magazines.

Now that you have your list, all you got to do is go purchase your supplies. Once done, you can go ahead and quilt all you want.

By: Abhishek Agarwal

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