10 Steps to Sew on a Button

It is just a question of time that a button on your dress shirt will get loose and eventually fall off, but don't worry. Sowing on a button is actually much easier if you follow the tips in this article.

If you notice that the button is coming off, save it before you loose it. It is sometimes better to cut a loose button off yourself before it pops off on its own because this way you can make sure that you won't loose it. Some dress shirts have really unique buttons that, once lost, would be really hard to find a replacement for. The easiest way to get your button back on your shirt is by using your dry-cleaner. Next time you drop off shirts for dry-cleaning point out the missing button. Fixing the missing button will only cost you a few dollars Chances are that your cleaner might even do this at no charge.

What if you don't have access to a kind of service? Take a business trip for example. You typically bring just enough dress shirts for the trip and wearing a different shirt might not be an option. What do you do if a button comes off right before you get dressed for an important business dinner? Don't panic! Sewing on a button is actually quite simple. The 10 Steps below are instructions on how to sew on a button to your dress shirt.

1.Find a matching button. If you lost the original button use one of the spare buttons located at the bottom of your dress shirt. If your dress shirt doesn't have those, cut of the lowest button on your shirt. No one will notice if this button is missing since you will have the shirt tugged into your pants.

2. Find a matching color thread. If you cannot find the exact thread color, use the closest color shade you can find.

3. Remove all excess thread that might still be hanging from where the old button used to be.

4. Cut the thread about 2 feet in length, and feed it through the needle. Pull at least 1/4 of the thread through to secure the thread from falling out.

5. Place the button on the location where the missing button used to be, and hold it down with one hand. With your other hand push the needle through the dress shirt from underneath through one of the holes in the button.

6. Now from the top, push the needle through the across lying hole of the button. Push the needle all the way through the dress shirt and tighten the thread.

7. Repeat Step 5 and 6 until each hole of the button has been used 2 or 3 times.

8. Create a little extra space between button and dress shirt. This will make buttoning easier as well as protect the threads that connect the button with the shirt. To do this start as you would in step #6 but only push the needle through the shirt, and not through the button. Take the thread and wrap it around the gap between button and dress shirt. Pull it tight after each wrapping, and repeat this 4 to 5 times.

9. Secure the thread by creating a knot during the previous step. Wrap the yarn around the button, but do not pull it tight. Before tightening it, pull the end of the thread through the loop, and then pull tight. Repeat this 2 to three time.

10. Finally cut the thread. You are done.

If you follow theses 10 simple steps you will be able to sew on a button like a pro the first time you do this. To ensure you are prepared during travel, have some thread, a few extra buttons, and a needle with you in your suitcase. You can find such sewing kits at any department store, your drycleaner, or even many grocery stores. They only cost a few dollars and are a must have for anyone traveling for business.

By: Hendrik Pohl

About the Author:
Pohl is the founder of Ties-Necktie.com, a specialty mens retailer for fine mens silk neckties, brand name silk ties, bow ties, cufflink sets, and fine pocket squares.